Dr.Herron’s Biography

CAPTAIN Michael Herron
Medical Director
Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center

Received a dual Masters degree from Carnegie- Mellon University in Urban and Public Affairs and Business Administration in 1983. The following summer he was a financial analyst for Burroughs in Detroit, Michigan. He was accepted to medical school at the University of Pittsburgh and obtained his M.D. degree in 1988. Afterwards, he completed two year s of general surgery and a year of orthopedic research. He joined the Navy as a reservist in January 1990. He attended direct commission school in Pensacola and in 1992 attended the Navy Areonautical Medical Institute, becoming a designated flight surgeon in early 1993.

Captain Herron was assigned to the Futenma Marine Corp Air Station from 1993 to 1995. He served as the Marine Air Group 36 flight surgeon and also the flight surgeon for VMGR 152 and HMM262. His next tour of duty was with the US Naval Academy where is was the brigade flight surgeon in charge of applicant and graduating member physical exams.
Captain Herron returned to the selected reserves after being admitted to Tulane University’s radiology residency program. He completed training in 2000 and accepted a fellowship position at the Medical University of South Carolina. He studied Women’s Imaging, concentrating on mammography and ultrasound. He stayed on as a clinical instructor for an additional seven months after obtaining board certification in radiology.

Captain Herron has been in the private sector and drilling as a reservist. He has been the flight surgeon for VP-94 until its decommissioning after hurricane Katrina. He then became the flight surgeon for VR-54 until November 2010. He has been a drilling member of Naval Hospital Pensacola DET C, while actually being assigned to FMF Dallas one. Captain Herron was a member of the team that erected the 50 bed expeditionary field hospital at NEMTI, Camp Pendleton, California.

Captain Herron is the owner of an outpatient imaging center in west central Florida and currently is a native of Crystal River Florida.

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