Mammography is a special type of x-ray imaging used to create detailed images of the breasts. Mammography is still the best screening tool for detecting breast The American Cancer Society recommends a screening baseline mammogram be performed between age 35-40, then annually after the age of 40 years old cancer in its early stage. If a close relative develops breast cancer before the age of 50, screening should commence at an age ten years before the relatives age of cancer discovery.

Sugar Mill Diagnostic Imaging radiologists utilize Computed Aided Detection (CAD) when reading Mammograms. This serves as a second pair of eyes. SMDI digitizes the images and utilizes computer aided detection to search for subtle abnormalities.

Mammography Prep

  • When calling to make your mammogram appointment, inform the scheduler if you have had breast surgery and the location of your previous images for comparison.
  • Prior to your appointment, remove antiperspirant, powder, or lotion from under your arms or on the breasts.
  • If you have breast implants, be sure to inform us at the time of scheduling, as your exam will take approximately 20 minutes longer.
  • Do not schedule your mammogram for the week before your period if your breasts are usually tender during this time.
  • Always inform the technologist if there is any possibility that you pregnant.

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